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Hiring Jordan Clark Horn to assist you in the marketing and sale of your home will prove to be an outstanding decision.  Jordan and his enthusiastic team are fully committed to serving your needs and always go “the extra mile.”  If you are trusting Jordan with your Real Estate transaction, he feels that his service should be stellar which is why he goes above and beyond to make your transition a positive and stress-free experience.

On-Site Consultation

We enjoy coming to your home to see it prior to pulling comps which help us establish your price point. We will provide you with the most up-to-date and accurate information in order to price your home well.


We use an extensive array of marketing tactics to make sure that your home gets the exposure it deserves. In the past decade, we have established a private email list including over 10,000 subscribers all of whom will be notified of the sale of your property. Your advertising will also be included on ALL of our social media platforms: Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Of course, your information will also be included in the local MLS and we can orchestrate Open Houses as well. Our bright pink Listing Signs are eye-catching and innovative in that they don’t look like everyone else’s. They command a lot of attention and compliments as well!

Estate Liquidation

If you are in need of an Estate Sale, Jordan has been a prominent local Liquidator with over 13 years of experience conducting Estate Sales in Sacramento. The marriage of selling your home as well as conducting an Estate Sale on site can be a huge money-saver with our discounts for signing on for both services. For more information on Estate Sale Services, please visit our website

Time Saving Paperwork

When you list your home with us, Jordan comes to your home in person to get your listing documents and the necessary disclosures signed.  Unlike other Realtors, Jordan personally sits down with you, reviewing each document and every disclosure, answering all of your questions, and helping you to understand exactly what you are signing.  It is important to have our “tool belt” filled and be ready to answer all questions from prospective buyers.  Once we have a purchase contract on your home, Jordan wants to focus on negotiations and getting your home into escrow.  We don’t want to have to scramble with disclosures at the last minute.  This process also minimizes our need to bother you each time a prospective buyer asks a question.



NO INSPECTIONS UPFRONT!!!  They are a waste of time and money!  Other realtors will urge you to take care of this prior to putting your house on the market, wasting your time and your money.  Experience has taught us that if we allow the BUYER to do their own inspections, they have “skin in the game” which gives us more leverage in our negotiations. 

Trustee Sales, Successor Trustee Sales, Probate Sales

Jordan’s vast experience with selling Real Estate as well as conducting Estate Sales has taught him much about working with Trustee Sales, Successor Trustee Sales, and Probate Sales.  Having worked with a myriad of attorneys and escrow officers, he is confident that these transactions will be handled properly and that each party that is involved will be protected and represented fairly.  Jordan and his team are not intimidated by these scenarios, in fact; we love helping you work through them which takes the stress off of you.

Saving You Time and Money

Jordan and his team are always looking for ways to provide the best quality service to our clients from start to finish.  They also look for ways to save time by being more organized on the front end as well as throughout. This saves our clients money while negotiating aggressively with potential buyers.  Once escrow is opened and we have sent the buyers all the necessary disclosures, we quickly move to sign documents as they come in.  Jordan stays on top of your game and deadlines.  Time is money and money is time!

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